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Getting an easy access to export solutions at the best costs

From the complete study of your project to the collection of the necessary expertises needed for your growth, we are able to cover the entire range of Export assistance services. Get benefits from our evolutive solutions and feel comfortable to enter the export fields whatever the target you envision.


To partner with World Sellers means also …

Some partners anywhere in the world, best specialists on their market.

  • partner

    Shop d.o.o.

    World Sellers Slovenia

    « Shop D.o.o. is the Slovenian e-commerce and distance selling specialist.
    Working as a partner for many years with OTTO, 3 Suisses and many other catalog sellers, Shop D.o.o owns one of the largest Slovenian Active database and became after years a leader of Adriatic e-commerce Industry.

    As owner of its own logistical and CRM infrastructures, and by developing frame agreements with local players as Slovenian Post and best services companies, Shop D.o.o can offer to your project the best services at the best costs. »



  • partner

    MyStore OÜ

    World Sellers Estonia, Latvia & Finland

    « As e-commerce, marketing and distance selling specialist since 1998, Mystore provides you active and qualified databases in Finland, Latvia and Estonia, and follow you in all kinds of development projects that you envision in Russian speaking, Scandinavian and Baltic countries.

    With large CRM and Logistical means, Mystore can fully take in charge all commercial and technical parts of you distance selling project. »





  • Evgeny Belyaev

    World Sellers Russia

    « Evgeny is the WorldSellers partner in Russia and Russian speaking countries.

    Expert in distance selling business,he applies  best project management methods for each project and he will gives you the most adapted and custom answers regarding your issues, your features and the Russian context. »



  • partner

    World Sellers Romania

    « offers the full range of e-commerce and distance selling expertises. You will get all technical and logistical needed assistance from IT development to the web-mastering of your e-store in order to help you to meet success In Romania, Bulgaria and potentially other neighbor countries. »



  • partner


    World Sellers Poland

    « Websale is a dynamic and efficient Polish company offering a complete range of CRM and logistical services dedicated to e-commerce and distance selling. Their expertise is covering totally the chain of value from warehousing to order taking and order preparation and delivery service. »




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to get a partner which is highly recognized by its customers