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3 steps to build with you the best strategy

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1A deep analysis in order to offer you the safety that you need to start your project

This step is crucial to precise and valid your offer, your target markets, estimate the ressources you miss or the risks you take in order to optimize the chances of success.

To know more about you

Understand your DNA , your running and decision processes to build with you the best strategy of development , the most efficient and the most convenient to the features of your company : this is the first aim of Worldsellers.

To define the market approach regarding your challenges

At this step, we support you to define your objectives, we adapt them to your budget and your business projects in order to choose the best development model balancing risks and opportunities with an international approach.

To estimate the necessary ressources that you get and you miss

Worldsellers describes for you the existing assets of your company that you already get or easy to acquire. If we find some missing expertise or some technical issue (logistics, IT, administrative expertise, …), we propose you some realistic and pragmatical advice.

To propose you the right combination of tools and technology which will give you the edge.

Our cross canal solutions ( print, Web and retail) can boost your export business :

  • An IT multichannel platform, plug and play and efficient from the first « go-live » day.

  • Efficient local agents networks

  • An existing partners network in many European countries

  • Many partnerships with the best experts of the our business and pre-negotiated to offer you best prices



2 A realistic strategy , flexible and evolutive

We are proud to propose export solutions which will take inconsideration to your running business, and which will be adapted and economically opmitized solutions . Our flexible and optional process will perfectly feet your needs.


Efficiency in the choice of solutions

Simplicity in the recommended tools and process

Advice and adaptation of the solutions for each country


Flexibility of our solutions

Scalability and adjustments considering obeserved results



We always care about your profitability

We propose you monitoring tools and frequent feed backs

We adapt consequently our advice


3 A detailed action plan dedicated to your export policy

We build with you the exportation road map : territories, products, means, timing, channels ( direct Marketing, e-commerce, distance selling and catalogs, retail, home selling, …) and we support you to describe and plan the steps of your development.

  • Business models

  • Investment hypothesis

  • Forecasts

  • Full branded operational website

  • ROI (Return On Investment) approaches

  • Optimized Supply Chain (transportation, local geographical features, customs rules, postal and shipment costs…)

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